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Jane Pettit Art

The Jane Pettit Art  website is alway open for you to view or shop her work. In addition, many new works will be found in the studio.


Located in a 200-year-old German bank barn on Catoctin Creek, Jane’s studio is a magical place full of color and art that makes you smile. With the machines and materials of her craft lining the shelves, the workbenches and walls are full of mosaic artworks large and small. For your walls and decor, there are 3” mosaic flowers, 6” birds, 12” fish, Zen gardens for calm and whimsical art to cheer the viewer.  For outdoor spaces there are garden murals, stone and glass tables and sculpture from 2 feet to 7 feet.  Unique mini-mosaic necklaces are full of color and sparkle.  A heavenly host of bejeweled glass angels are ready for the tree.  


"Some of my work pays homage to the ancient mosaic techniques that initially ignited my passion and started me on this journey. Others are a product of my fascination with color, shape and the reflective qualities of the materials. The smooth surface of a river stone or the patina of a 100-year-old roof slate speak to me as I contemplate their use. The vibrant and the subtle colors of glass excite me with their endless combination possibilities.  Recycling and repurposing get my imagination working. Even if a piece is planned out ahead of time, curiosity and experimentation become the drivers in my creative process. Seeing an eye in a piece of vintage jewelry, an ear in a cup handle, or a nose in a skeleton key can become the beginnings of a portrait. Putting unexpected materials together to make a pleasing whole is both the fun and the challenge I love. 


Creating things for others to enjoy gives me great pleasure. I hope they share with you the sense of joy and calm I feel while creating them! See you in the studio!"

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