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Alice Orzechowski & Scott Hoyman ~ Caprikorn Farms


Caprikorn Farms sells our award-winning goat milk cheeses and goat milk soap online!

Alice Orzechowski and Scott Hoyman have been raising award winning Saanen dairy goats for over 30 years. They have won numerous national awards for milk production. All our goats browse as nature intended and are lovingly raised in a completely natural manner. Although we have over 150 goats, they each have a name and we totally enjoy their distinct personalities.

We are Maryland's first and only On-Farm-Home Licensed Goat Cheese Processor. We make a variety of goat milk cheeses including Cheddar, Gouda, and Fetina, as well as fresh traditional and flavored chevres.

Caprikorn Farms is a licensed goat dairy, so the goat milk we use in our soap making meets the same rigorous quality standards as the milk used in our cheesemaking. Our soap is handmade using the finest moisturizing oils, with natural essential oils and fragrances, and of course we use the highest possible concentration of fresh goat milk. This gives each bar we make a creamy goodness your skin will love.


Before you leave, come visit our petting paddock where your kids can meet and feed our "kids". 

Stay safe and wash your hands – with our goat milk soap!!!

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