Tameria Martinez Clay

Being a potter has opened a world of discovery of clays, glazes and firing techniques over a thirty three year career.  Wood firing became my primary method of firing since 2014, where I discovered a supportive wood fire community of potters in Maryland and across the nation.  In the process of discovering the effects of the wood fired surface I have concentrated on clays and forms that allow atmospheric effects to develop complex surfaces.

The porcelain and wild stoneware clays that I work with provide the challenges that I desire for complex forms.  The clay body then becomes the canvas, maximizing the effects of layering one glaze upon another, to achieve rich combinations of surface.  Exploration of crystallization, ash, and fluid glazes are my focus for decorative expression.

The strength and delicate properties of porcelain draw me into the seductive nature of the material, allowing the potential to create forms of grace.  Wild stoneware clays add an element of surprise due to the variations in the clay body itself.  Wood firing allows the movement of the flame and ash to “mark” the vessels placed in the wood kiln, giving each a unique patterning and depth of surface.

The train kiln at my private studio, nestled at the base of South Mountain, provides exciting opportunities to explore wood fire techniques and surfaces.  The effects of “freezing” the movement of the flame on vessels creates indelible impressions of the wood firing process on functional and decorative forms.

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