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Beth Carey ~ Studio2bcj


You may find Studio2 and Beth Carey Jewelry on my website. There you can purchase work and explore my teaching studio as well as view past events and workshops. 


To make an appointment please call or text me at 240-818-1156 or email


Growing up in Frederick county I became an artist inspired by nature. And like a spider spinning her web or a dragonfly emerging from water I am compelled to create and make things. Just can’t help it. 


Inspired by my high school art teacher, my creativity was further encouraged and fostered by two gallery owners and my incredibly supportive husband. 


Images in nature are the beginning of my ideas. Sketches, sketches, & more sketches aid in the progression & transformation into a design. I work in fine, sterling silver, 14-22k gold and stones to weave in a story or memory.  


Dense layers of metal, textures, forms, emotions, mutations and gem accents combine to create the final story, a completed jewelry piece. 

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