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Kesra Hoffman ~ fine art landscape painter


As native of Middletown, Maryland, I've been painting landscapes of my home and travels since 1996. Growing up in an area rich with farmland and forests cultivated within me a passion for the natural world. Traveling with my parents helped nurture my passion for nature and inspired me to share the excitement for that beauty with others.


My paintings are mainly in gouache and acrylic. My work celebrates the rich colors, dramatic moods and cohesive shapes of the water, land forms and skies around the world.  I find a thrill in the constantly changing dialogue between light and shadow in nature. For me, painting is about capturing that excitement and translating it onto paper.


I am a full time artist, painting landscapes and wall murals, binding books, and teaching classes, workshops and private art lessons. I travel worldwide to take painting workshops to keep my passion fresh, and incorporate these experiences into my artistic voice. 

During the November Studio Tour, Kesra Hoffman will again be showing along with woodworker Daniel Rudy in a spacious barn in Brownsville/Knoxville during the tour. You can find her work year-round at M4 Studios as well as online.

photo credit: Scott Cantner 2021
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