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Daniel Rudy ~ Woodendeavor, LLC


You could say I have always been building something.  My mother likes to remind me that my first toy was a hammer.  Growing up as the son of a custom home builder, I have been playing in a wood shop for as long as I can remember.  There is something about the act of creation… at the end of the day my muscles may ache but the satisfaction that comes from the completion of another project far exceeds the pain.

Covid brought time to explore a new medium, Wood Block Relief Printing.  This technique gives us a peak inside of a tree. We can explore Mother Nature's organic shapes, the utilitarian uses in our everyday life, or how the tree rings interact with carved images: this journey leads to endless possibilities.

Contact Daniel Rudy / Woodendeavor, LLC through facebook or purchase prints through "Design In Relief" on Etsy.


dan and bill artist g-6.jpg
photo credit: Scott Cantner 2021

Woodendeavor, LLC

2339 Boteler Rd. Knoxville, MD 21715

"Design In Relief" AND "Woodendeavor, LLC" on facebook and Instagram

"Design In Relief" on Etsy

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